Ukraine Sweethearts We hope these will answer some of the questions you may have and, should you have more, we are delighted to speak with you personally or answer them via email.

Q. Why do I see Hearts on some ladies and not on others?

A. When you enter your preferences in the member area, our website immediately goes through the thousands of women we have listed and selects the ones that closest match your choices. We then place a small red sweetheart beside the women's photo so you can easily recognize the ones you may like. Our goal is to make your search as easy as possible without the time consuming process of looking through thousands of girls and hoping you did not miss that one for you.

Q. What if I enter my preferences and not that many girls are displayed?

A. We suggest you broaden your selections to include more ladies to choose from.

Q. I am new to this, How can I tell which ladies I might be interested in?

A. If you are member of Ukrainesweethearts.com, you can save preferences in your member area. Only registered members enjoy this UkraineSweethearts.com exclusive search feature. Not a member? It's free! Join Now.

Q. Is this company for real and not just an Internet scam?

A. YES, Ukraine Sweethearts is a real company domiciled in the United States with offices in the USA, Ukraine, St. Kitts and Nevis, West Indies. We have partnered with several agencies located throughout Ukraine to bring you some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Q. There seem to be a lot of organizations out there that do similar work, why would I choose you?

A. This company was founded by a man in a similar situation as you, older, successful businessman that had been in and out of relationships in the USA without much success. He decided to try these services himself through our competitors and found they all appeared to want money and more money without many results.

Q. How do I get the email addresses of the women?

A. Each lady is registered with an agency closest to her home. She files her photos and information about herself through that agency, which you can access from our website for free. It is through us that contact is made. You can also upload a profile of yourself on our website that the ladies can access and contact you. All of this is done electronically through our website. Letters and any gifts exchanged can be handled through us directly. All members can maintain a running balance that they can access to send letters, gifts or arrange actual trips over to Ukraine.

Q. Is this a Mail Order Bride Service?

A. NO! One thing is for sure, although Ukrainian women are noted for being some of the most beautiful women in the world they are also very much a modern women. Once you begin a dialog with one you will see the term, Mail Order Bride could not be further from the truth. We supply you with the means to connect across the ocean to multiple women that otherwise would have no chance to meet you. They are as much part of the decision to be in a relationship with you as you are with them. All of the women we have featured are single and looking for an honest, trusting companion to spend their life with. You are not ordering them any more than they are ordering you.

Q. Do these women just want a free trip to the USA and a better life, or are they really interested in me?

A. Ukraine Sweethearts gets hundreds of potential women interested in our program. We weed through the women and will not allow those women we feel are not honest and trustworthy of your time. You can be assured that if you spend your hard earned money with us you will meet many different women and be able to communicate to them both by letter and in person. Some ladies are not sure what they are looking for and wish to start off their letters as friends that can grow to a relationship.

Q. How easy is it to bring a women to the USA on a fiancée visa?

A. You must be a citizen of the USA to file for a fiancée visa in the USA. Different countries have different rules governing visa process. The main qualification is you must have met your potential fiancée in person and spent time with them. ¬†Ukraine Sweethearts will help you with the process by putting you in touch with an Immigration attorney that will make the steps easy to understand and the transition as smooth as they can.

Q. Why do I have to go to Ukraine?

A. Ukraine is where the ladies live and a relationship is best built on personal meeting and one to one contact. Ukraine Sweethearts will help arrange all your travel needs and provide you with transportation, accommodations, and even direct you to the best dining areas. We will notify the ladies for you of your intention to visit and can arrange meetings with or without an interpreter if needed. Our goal is to make the selection process, arrival and your visit to Ukraine as fun and exciting as possible.

Q. How important are looks and age?

A. Most men are first attracted to looks and youth in a lady- who wouldn't be? Ladies are attracted to mature, intelligent, successful and stable men. Both men and women looking for long term relationships find that trust and stability are the most important factors for both parties. She will be coming to your country and will want someone she can depend on. Moving out of her native country is a big step for many of these women but one they are willing to make for the right man. While looks may play a minor role, stability, trust and a gentle relationship are much more important factors for any women. Men are spending there time and money to search for the right girl, they too want more than a pretty face to live their lives with. Age does not become a factor in a relationship that is built on mutual respect and trust.

Q. Should I send money to the women I contact to help out with their expenses?

A. That is a sticky question and the answer is pretty much up to you. We remind you if the women you are contacting are really interested in you she will correspond with you without seeking financial gain for herself. If you really want to help a women and feel you have to send something we suggest you send gifts through Ukraine Sweethearts so we can verify that they received the gift with a photo of the gift and girl to you or you send something she can use in her daily life. We never suggest you send cash to any lady without really knowing her. Even though we do all the research we can on the agencies and the ladies- our job is to protect you too.

Should you have any additional questions please contact Ukraine Sweethearts Visit our Contact Us page for information. We will be glad to assist you anyway possible.
Ukraine Sweethearts Management and Staff