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Ukrainians have many holidays and traditions. Like other countries they are often different customs than is found in the Unites States. The celebration of Easter and Christmas was actually ignored for many years but has made a strong come back in the Post-Soviet period. Please find a list of some of the more popular holidays in the Ukraine.

January 1 & 2-Happy New Year!

New Year is the favorite holiday in the Ukraine. Traditionally celebrated with family and friends. Festive dinners are cooked and gifts are exchanged. They sing songs and dance the night away. Children of all ages find It hard to fall asleep. They know that Father Frost ("Ded Moroz", closely related to Santa Claus) is on his way to bring gifts. New Year in the Ukraine is nit the only a time for gifts, but also a time for remembrance and hope for the future.

January 7- Orthodox Christmas

In Ukraine, Christmas is a very important family holiday that is celebrated with ancient customs that are still observed to this day. Christmas is celebrated January 7 according to the Gregorian calendar as in most of other Orthodox Christian countries. On January 6th, the Ukrainian Christmas Eve, families come together for a Holy Supper known as Sviata Vecheria. The twelve-course meal is dedicated to Christ's twelve apostles. The meals included kutia, borshch (beet soup, vushka (dumplings filled with onions and mushrooms), a variety of fish, verenyky (dumplings filled with cabbage, potatoes, or prunes), holubtsi (stuffed cabbage), and uzvar. Just like Christmas in America, caroling adds a joyful and merry note to celebrating Christmas in Ukraine.

February 14-St. Valentine's Day

St. Valentine's day is a day to express your love and/or affection for someone. This holiday is becoming more popular in Ukraine. Just like everywhere else in the world, Valentine's Day is celebrated with presents, flowers and cards filed with loving messages. It is the custom of Ukraine to give flowers in a uneven number, (ex. 3,5,7,11) Ukraine traditions consider the giving of flowers in even numbers to be bad luck. Don't miss the opportunity to let her know how much she means to you.

March 8-International Women's Day

International Women's Day is one of Ukrainian's most important holidays for women. Ukrainian women love to receive flowers and gifts on this special day. It reminds them they are appreciated for being female and goes far to making them believe you understand their strengths as a lady. The is a day the men are suppose to almost change roles with the women and have even been known to do household chores. Missing this holiday would be like forgetting the lady of your choices birthday. Not usually a good thing.

March/April Orthodox Easter (Paskha)

Orthodox Easter is usually about two weeks after Catholic Easter. On Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning Ukrainian people put an Easter cake, painted eggs, butter and cheese into a basket and go to church for the blessing of the food."Pysanka" ( painted Easter egg) is one of the most interesting sorts of Ukrainian art. "Pysanky" are typically made to be given to family members and respected outsiders. To give a Pysanka is to give a symbolic gift of life.

May 1 & 2-International Labor Day

These Soviet Holidays have no political meaning any longer and are now just traditional days off for the Public.

May 9-Victory Day

In the Ukraine most of the families suffered greatly from the Nazis in the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945, that we know as World War II. There is always a Military Parade involving the people who took part in the war. The veterans wear all their old uniforms and the families and friends give these soldiers flowers and congratulations.

June 28-Constitution Day

In 1996 the National deputies in Ukraine's "Verkhovna Rada" adopted the independent state's first Constitution. Ukrainian singers and the national hymn is played at Maydan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev.

August 24-Ukrainian Independence Day
In 1991 Independence was proclaimed in the Ukraine and they declared themselves as a Sovereign state. This is a very important holiday and is marked with parades in honor of their Independence.

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