IMBRA LAW-International Marriage Broker Regulation Act
( H.R. 3402 Title VIII- Subtitle D)
What it is and how it affects you.

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act goes into effect March 6, 2006. This law is designed to help protect the rights and safety of foreign women, who immigrate into the United States as fiancés or wives of men who are US citizens. This law is a benefit to our client and ladies as it protects them from Sex Offenders posing as honest men. Some of the Regulations of International Marriage Brokers is as follows:


The Broker must first search the National Sex Offender Public Registry and State Sex Offender Public Registry in any state the U.S. client has lived in the past twenty (20) years.


The broker must have on file background information (and supporting documents where necessary) regarding the past criminal and/or domestic violence history including arrests, his marital and divorce history, ages of any children under 18 years old, and all states and countries where he has lived since 18 years of age.


Provide the gathered information to the lady in her native language and secure her written consent to release her Personal Contact Information to that specific U.S. client.


The IMBRA law will not affect our member’s ability to write letters back and forth or send gifts to their favorite lady. It is not until the actual tour is reserved that we require the above documentation and not until after you and the lady have met and decided to exchange information do we turn these documents over to her. If you do have criminal record in your past, remember, just because you have one does not mean you cannot meet and form a relationship with a lady nor does it mean she cannot return to the USA as your future wife. It’s about being honest so these women can completely understand your past.

Most foreign women will base their opinion on you after they meet you and not by what you did in the past.

We here at UkraineSweethearts will provide you with a questionnaire to fill out before the beginning of the tour. It is short and meets all the requirements of the IMBRA laws. This process sounds harder than it actually is and we feel you will be surprised at how simple meeting these requirements can be.


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