Nathan and Svetlana

I would like to say thanks to website and its staff for giving me the opportunity to find the most wonderful and caring man I ever met. I met Nathan 3 years ago and now I am married to him! I feel so blessed to have him in my life. We got married  in an small beautiful church. We felt that our marriage had to be blessed by God. That was the happiest day of my life. The weather outside was gorgeous. A lot of friends helped us to arrange our wedding and they did a great job. That day was unforgettable for both of us.  Now I live with my husband in USA, we have a very good son, he is one year old. I have never felt this happy. I hope everyone on this site will be able to find soul mate and will feel as happy as I do. Remember all things are possible for those who believe!

Nathan and Svetlana Nathan and Svetlana Nathan and Svetlana

Alina and Thomas

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We would like to share our beautiful love story:

We found each other and started to have correspondences trough this dating agency, and after a little time we decided to meet in Odessa. It was a great chemistry and we felt very good in each other's company, almost like we were meant to be together. We decided to be a couple, and just wanted to spend as much time together as possible.

We arranged for Alina to come visit me in Norway so we could spend some weeks together. Our feelings became stronger for each day and the love between us became deep.  We got engaged during her time here, and started to plan a vacation together.

In January we went to Thailand together on a romantic trip, and during this vacation we have the happiest day of our lives. On her birthday, she had arranged a surprise wedding ceremony for me, and we give promises to each other on a beautiful beach. At this day we give sacrifices and prayers to all the gods there, and receive all their blessings.

Our relatives were very happy to see us this happy together, and have given us their blessings.

The preparations for her visa were started right after she came back from Norway, and we waited about 2months for this to open. Everything is very good now, and we are living together with a small dog that gives us much joy. We will continue our journey together as a family. We do not understand how we were able to live without each other for this long, because it really is so good when you can plan nice future together and share all aspects of life.

We are always smiling about the fact that we will marry 3 times, 2 times already happened and one more will be at autumn in Ukraine. 1'st time was at romantic trip, 2'nd time was in the country where we will live.

It is very hard to find the second half in our lives, but we were lucky and did it. We both want to say thank you to the agency and all who works there, who helped our dream come true! We wish everyone that search for their lost ones to be as fortunate as we were.

Thomas and Alina Thomas and Alina